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Following the creation of several businesses, I realized the complexity of finding a an individual or agency for developing an affordable website. So I enrolled in a full-stack web development training program so that I could create this type of offering, affordable, quality website development, to all entrepreneurs who need this modern, secure site at a reasonable price.

Paul Deborin
Website creator | Entrepreneur |
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What we do

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Clarity and simplicity

If the domain of the web is not your specialty, no problem. We do everything possible so that you can follow each step in your Web project thanks to the agile design methods.

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Responsive design

All of the websites that we create are designed to be mobile responsive, meaning that the design adapts to the screen size in an elegant way.

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Optimal communication

We are entrepreneurs, and we are by your side to support you in achieving your ultimate business goal and desired image, according to your needs and specifications.

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SEO friendly practices

Depending on what package you choose, with or without the SEO option, our sites are created with the tools that will allow you to quickly take control of your SEO.

Some examples of our past work

Our rates

Our goal is to help you get started with a professional site and offer a quick set-up that meets your own professional and personal schedule.


Landing page

One-page site with a maximum of 5 sections (e.g., banner, presentation, carousel, services, FAQ)


Social media integration

Royalty-free images


Simple yet elegant


Business site

3-page website

 + $100 for each additional page


Social media integration

Royalty-free images


Robust and impressive

By Proposal

Custom site

Any number of pages, with site-wide custom functionality, such as:

Ecommerce (e.g,. WooCommerce)

Online appointment bookings

Live chat tool or marketplace


Emblematic of endless possibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no hidden costs. You should just keep in mind there will be annual costs associated with your domain name and your hosting provider (e.g., HostGator). If you then wish to improve the site, or its referencing, these will be services which might make sense to do a separate, follow-on engagement.

Depending on the complexity of your request and its urgency, the duration begins at 48 hours after the validation of your request (we will specify this when setting up a contract).

Absolutely true, and you can even possibly find people locally who will do it for less than our base price. But we are confident in the value we deliver to each and every client, and find that intangibles like clear, concise, empathetic communication rarely comes in a business transaction. We ultimately want what’s best for you and your business. If that means working with someone other than us, then we strongly encourage that. No hard feelings!

If you request a technology or « stack » that we do not familiar with it, we will be happy to guide you through our network. Or, if it makes sense, bringing someone on to our team (e.g., on a temporary or contract basis) who could offer the technological route that you’re looking for!

Another trade that works in the long term is the SEO strategy. We prepare the sites we build to receive the appropriate inflow of traffic, but upon delivery of the site, you will not be in the top list of searches on your field. (It is a real long battle to be there, but we’re happy to discuss tactics).

Testimonials from our happy clients

I trusted Alex. He accompanied me step-by- step to get what I expected from my website. I was able to launch my project thanks to this site.

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Peter D.
Entrepreneur (legal space)
Thanks to Alex for my site. I'm very super happy with it. I even got a few tips as a bonus on launching my company thanks to their combined international experiences.
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François D.
Entrepreneur (animal sector)
SUPER SERVICE! I would recommend it for anyone who needs a turnkey site and who has something else to do than manage developers.
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Jason G.
Restaurant owner
I knew Alex during his previous entrepreneurial adventure, and I trusted him again for my wedding site.
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Marie P.
Product manager

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